Modernization and Developments

The Trade and Production Group "PetroCity" – development and implementation of projects connected with modernization and reconstruction of steam turbines intended for increasing their power, efficiency and other operational properties.

2016, Naberezhnochelninskaya Heat-and-power Plant.

Production of forged blanks and machining of turbine blades of 25 and 27 grade for the T-100-130 steam turbine (UTMZ). Delivers.

2015, Troitskaya State District Power Plant.

Together with the OJSC "VTI" the project is developed on strengthening of newly manufactured 5 grades low pressure turbine blades for K-300-240 turbine (Turboatom) for Troitskaya State District Power Plant.

2008-2009, OJSC "TGK-2".

Together with the Branch of Kharkov CKB "Energoprogress", LLC "Kotloturboprom" and OJSC "Ural energoremont" the project is developed connected with reconstruction of steam turbines PT-60-130/13 OJSC "TGK-2" (Novgorodskaya TTP, Yaroslavskaya TPP. Kostromskaya TTP, Tverskaya TTP) for their operation as part of the combined-cycle plant with the power of 210MW.

2008-2009, OJSC "UralAZ-Energo"

Preparation of detail project "Reconstruction of turbine PT-12 produced by Frazer Chalmers" st. No1 TPP OJSC "UralAZ-Energo" in order to converse it for the year-round mode of operation with degraded vacuum and replacement of condenser by the heater of delivery water".

2008, OJSC "Kuzbasenergo" the branch "Tom-Usinskaya State District Power Plant"

Engineering calculations for the turbine set operation without rotating blades of 23rd stage, including:

- operation of the turbine set in the condensation mode accompanied by increasing power up to 86 MW, with indication of calculated received values of bending stresses in the rotor blades and membrane deflections;

- variant of the turbo set operation with introduction of partiality at the 21st stage;

- recommendations for normal regeneration operation while sampling in the  abnormal flow.

2008, Federal state unitary enterprise "RFYC"

Modernization of the turbine PR-25-90 (UTMZ) valves in order to increase its reliability and serviceability.

2007-2008, Iraq, TPP "South Baghdad"

Modernization of the turbine K-55 blade system (General Electrics) accompanied by production of spare parts.

2007, OJSC "Volzhskaya TGK" the branch "Samarskaya State District Power Plant".

Modernization of the steam turbine АТ-25-1 liquid end for increasing reliability and power of the turbine accompanied by production of new rotor and a set of membranes.

2006, OJSC "OGK-4" the branch "Shaturskaya State District Power Plant"

Execution of technical audit of the power plant thermal circuit, provision of recommendation for optimization of the thermal circuit.